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Troop 166 - UNIFORMS:

The official BSA Uniform Site-info:

The Scouting Uniform is a quintessential part of the Scouting experience.

Here in Troop 166 we take pride in holding to a high standard for our uniforms.

At Scout gatherings, Camporee and Camp Parsons especially, we are known for our attention to uniforms.

066 Red Berets:
Each Troop can adopt its own preferences for uniform standards, and any piece of uniform that has ever been official remains official. The Red Beret was introduced in the Early 1980's and discontinued about ten years later; but it remains acceptable uniform headgear. Troop 066 - the 166 girls, have adopted the Red Beret as an additional standard for their uniform. But it is not exclusive, any scout who wishes my wear the red beret.

We do keep a resource of 'outgrown' uniforms as well as other equipment - limited finances should never limit a scouts participation!

If you want super detailed description visit:

"Class-A's" - the full formal uniform:

We wear full uniforms to Monday-night meetings, and especially to Courts of Honor

Our distinctive neckerchiefs have two halves, the green is always worn on the right.
- for new members who have not achieved the rank of "Scout" they wear an all red kerchief with black detailing.
The ceremony elevating to Scout is a very somber and important event for each Scout in the troop.

Note: by Troop tradition, the shirt-collar is turned under so you only see the neckerchief.
(A few of us have removed the fold-over part of the collar from the shirt, leaving a tape-collar.)

Official Scout policy is that, any piece of uniform which has been regulation, remains regulation.

The Troop periodically renews the decision to always wear full knee-high socks when wearing shorts, and many of our scouts try hard to find the old style red-topped knee socks.

Hats are an optional part of the uniform, but only official BSA Scouting hats should be worn when wearing "Class-A's" Troop 066 has adopted the old-style Red Barret as part of our uniform.

True Class-A would also include all medals, badges and insignia - but we tend to use our terms shifted up one so we call the less decorated full-uniform our "Class-A's."
Courts of Honor (three times a year) and any more formal occasions would be the time to wear the 'full-regalia'

The Merit Badge Sash is often worn at formal ceremonies. The Front of the sash is used for Merit Badges, however the back of the sash may be used for the various badges and patches that do not have a permanent place on the uniform - such as a 50-miler patch.

-- Protocol notes:

"Class-B's" - the casual uniform:

Scouting events and venues often issue special t-shirts or other items that are considered scout-wear but are not "uniform" items.

"Class-C's" - street clothes:

For many events, like our "Big-Dig compost sale" Work clothes are desired so we don't ruin the uniform, also for most outings we don't hike in our uniforms, however, many of us use our scout pants since they are great for the purpose.

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