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This page contains details on using the Steamport Skin.

"Steamport" Skin is a responsive (adjusting to screen-size) Three-Column Skin
Written by Kirk Siqveland
(Scoutmaster Troop 066, Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 166)

The Left "Site/SideBar" is edited with .../pmwiki.php?n=Site.SideBar?action=edit
( here that would be )

The optional MotoBar appears above the general text in a page with matching decoration.
To have this display use the Markup (:moto:) on that page.
This is different from the GroupHeader / GroupFooter

The Right Side Bar has four Segments:

   * SplashBar { Not used here but intended for a title above the image in the SplashBox  }
   * SplashBox { used for a picture here } 
   * GroupBar { the content area - meant to be localized to the 'group'}
   * RightBar { not really in use here.} 

These are unique to each Group, however if none is defined the skin defaults to the Site Group version.
(e.g. if there is no Main/GroupBar the Site/GroupBar will be displayed.)

For advanced use the layout is contained in the Skin - "Steamport" which requires ftp access to:

Just to see how things can be tweaked, try this page: SkinTestpage

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