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Wedgewood - Aurora District

Chief Seattle Council

May - 15th, 2022

Join Us Celebrating

Bill Montgomery's

60 Years as Scoutmaster for Troop 166!

Welcome Adventurous Young Women!

What We Do:

We are very excited to be able to have our Girls enjoy the same outdoor activities, skill-building and leadership training we have had for our Boy Scouts!

The Girls provide their own leadership (we are "Girl-led,") for fun and challenging outdoor, overnight adventures including Hiking, Canoeing, Archery, Scoutcraft and Survival-Skills.

We have weekly meetings during the School Year, and at least one over-night outing every month.
Our monthly outings can include hikes, snow camping, river-rafting, cycle-tours.
Sometimes we go as just the girld Troop but most outings and meetings we work together with boys Troop 166.

We encourage scouts learning from each other, and helping each other to advance through the Ranks. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills while working on Merit Badges, and we always make time for fun and games!

Cut to the chase:

If you would like more information, or to arrange a visit, or want to Join Troop 166 - Girls, Contact:
Kirk Siqveland at
Or call 206-856-9362 (Text if no answer please, I don't always get my voicemail)

About BSA / Troop 166 / Girls & Boys

After more than a century developing its program to build character and leadership by learning and practicing outdoor skills, the BSA has finally recognized that you just can't get the same experience anywhere else. For those young women and their families that want that experience, BSA has opened the doors to truly welcome everyone!

We at Troop 166 have more than a 60 year record of providing that experience and have produced about 160 Eagle Scouts in that time with a program that is very much Scout-led. Our program is built around weekly meetings, Monthly over-night outings, regular Courts of Honor to recognize accomplishments, and a leadership structure that expects every scout to develop leadership skills.

BSA has determined the best way to provide the same leadership and learning opportunities for young women is to have a system of parallel Girls and Boys Troops. Girls Troops can be sponsored by the same Organizations and Adult Committee as a Boys Troop, or can be entirely independent. With 166 we have two linked Troops one for Girls and one for Boys. Most things we do together, but the decision making process at the Scout level is girl-led for the girls and boy-led for the boys. Sometimes we have outings that are just for the girls, often with other nearby girl-troops. At the same time, both troops share the Adult Committee and Sponsoring Organization (Thank you Wedgwood Presbyterian Church!)

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